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Sunday, June 19, 2005


I am really looking forward the vacation next month. Many seniors of my future MBA school recommend new students to relax and enjoy this summer since we will have loads and loads of work to do once the academic session starts. This is another good reason why I want to make most out of my upcoming post-resignation vacation.

I've started making the to-do list for this summer. First among them is a visit to Palani. I love that Murugan Temple and the complete spiritual feeling that accompanies the climbing of Palani mount. Most of the well known temples of Tamil Nadu have historical significance but Palani's history has facinated me. Palani Murugan was created by a siddha called Bogar, around 3000 BC. Bogar was a saint, authority in medicine and a yogi. He created the Lord Murugan of Palani using, nine different poisonous and naturally occuring matter called "Navapashanam". They are Veeram, Pooram, Rasam, Jathilingam, Kandagam, Gauri Pasanam, Vellai Pasanam, Mridharsingh, Silasat. This Navapashanam is supposed to be a Master Medicine of Siddha Medicinal System that cures all kinds of diseases. Even today people who take the prasad of panjamirtham after its abhisekam on the Deity claim that its cures many of their diseases. Later Bogar created his own samadhi in the Palani hill underneath the Navabasha idol of Murugan and entered into his samadhi to attain Nirvana, Nirvigalpa samadhi, a stage where the mind gets dissolved into the universal energy. The cave of entrance to his samadhi is still present at the Palani Hill. Legend has it that Bogar was the sage who visited China and was instrumental in spreading the Yogic/Kalari Payattu principles among chinese. Kalari form of martial arts is said to be the oldest of its kind in the world. Palani is also one of the Six Military Camps of the Lord Murugan from where he fought and defeated Soorapadma, leader of demonic forces.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Step by step

One thing I've realized lately is that "academic preparation" would be the last thing in one's mind when preparing to do MBA in the US. I was so caught up with visa preparation, arranging housing apartment in the US, finalizing on health insurance and so on and so forth that literally I've yet to get used to that fact that I'd be a student for next two years.
I appeared for the F1 visa interview in the US embassy in the first week of June'05. I'd prepared meticulously for the interview, had collected all sorts of documents to prove to the Visa Officer that my intention is to return back to India after the completion of MBA and financial documents to prove that I can manage the MBA expense. My visa was approved without much hassle, partly I believe because of the good reputation my school enjoys.
Even though I hate to admit to myself, I did feel a certain amount of uncertainity until my Visa was stamped.
Started the preterm academic preparation last week. Need to explore Excel, come to terms with probablities, learn accounting and basic finance. New admits have started networking and I felt bad to have missed few parties because of my other commitments. I think I've to put into action my realization that MBA is all about networking!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


If the school provides values and beliefs for a person then the college provides livelihood. My college shaped my thought process and equiped me with the tools necessary to survive in this world. It has been 8 years now since I graduated out the college but still our interaction continues. I am working 3000 miles away from my hometown, which is where my college is also located. This has in a way helped me to visit my college once in a while and keep in touch with my professors. Last week I received an email from my college's placement officer, who happened to be my Professor handling "Robotics" when I studied Engineering. He wanted me to forward the college's prospectus to my HR department and request them to visit my college for this year's campus recruitment. I and my college placement office have been trying for the past two years to convince my company to visit my college for recruitment. I forwarded the email to the recruitment manager and had a word with him. I didn't get an definite answer from my HR department. I know that the distance between the college and the company will be a disadvantage. Post employment attrition is always a major factor in recruiter's mind. Still I believed I did my best in presenting the credentials of my college. Their website has become real cool now. I honestly believe that a recruitment relationship between my college and my company will be mutually beneficial, especially when my company wants to co-operate with the university research labs and thereby increase the visibility of its products.

Monday, May 23, 2005

My Website

For the past one week I've been re-designing my blog. I deliberated for a long time to select basic colors of the site. When I visit other blogs, colors of the site provide the first impression and also the clue to what to expect from the site. I realised that certain color combinations provide instant feel about the site. I wanted my website to emote a certain feeling of friendliness, informative and maturity to its visitors.
I don't know whether I've succeeded in my attempt but I did finalize a background color of deep sea blue and canvas of dark & silver grey combination over that. I wanted the blue color to provide a professional and mature look to my homepage. I selected silver grey to provide a soothing and sober canvas for the onlooker's eyes while viewing the blog information. Next difficult task was to select a logo for the site. I didn't have to look far beyond as I already named by website to reflect on what all information I'm going to blog. All I had to do then was to select a picture that said,"This bog captures a person's efforts to enjoy and plan his life journey to a certain degree but importantly to understand and straddle along its unpredictable path into the future". What better than the "Universe" can denote "chaos", "unknown logic", "vastness" and "mystery" of life and its unmistakable and furious pace of journey into the future?
The basic structure of webpage design is ready now. But ofcourse I expect it to change and evolve along with me over time.

Note: Users with a screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels or less will not be able to see the blue background of the site!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Making the Decision

Finally I've selected the B-school where I want to do my MBA. I used to think that having options to choose for doing MBA would be very enjoyable but when I faced the situation, I realised how confusing it can become.
I faced the typical dilemma most B-School entrants would face, Selecting between a top-ranked school and a comparatively lower ranked school but one which provides substantial scholarship. In my case the lower ranked school waived my tution fee and is also providing graduate assistantship for covering the living expenses, resulting in a completely free education and some savings from the assistanship at the end of the course. It was tempting to say the least.
But there ended the advantage of the lower ranked school. In all other aspects the higher ranked school compared favorably including all cliched B-School arguments like FIT, CULTURE, WHERE WILL YOU BE HAPPY, WHAT YOU WANT FROM THE MBA etc.
So did that work out to be a straight forward decision in favor of the higher ranked school? I'm afraid it did't for me. In my case I've two different "wants", one is what I want from the MBA and other is what I want from my life. I want the MBA to polish my management skills, acquaint me with future business leaders and also provide opportunities to work my way up in the corporate of my chosen industry. But what I want in my life is fulfill my responsibilities for my family and society. I thought that I would be severely handicapped in my second goal if I burdened myself with the big loan that I might have to take if I chose the higher ranked school.
But, I've finally made my decision based on ROI calculation, especially returns that I expected out of investing my 2 years for the MBA. Optimism is one word which I am relying to convince myself that I've made the right decision.
When I told my friend about my final decision, his response was,"Brand wins always and I knew this all along!". Certain things do sound very simple for unaffected observers! :)


Monday, May 16, 2005

"I" in many-worlds

Right from the days of high school, Theoretical physics has attracted me. May be because it is one field where brightest human minds have tried to understand and explain the nature. Any serious reader, I am not using the word "student" in order to seperate the lay reader from a committed physics student, of theoretical physics would've been fascinated by the paradoxes of Quantum mechanics theory. I am amused to know that Albert the great Einstein himself was little confused with the outcomes of this theory and came out with the gem, "God doesn't play dice", to counter the randomness of the behavior of sub-atomic particles. But experiments have proved that at sub-atomic level, a photon for example can either bounce of a wall or pass through a wall. If we extrapolate this to bigger objects, If I dash my car against a wall there do exists a random "chance" of me passing through the wall. Difficult to fathom? How about this? Whenever there is a chance for one out of two mutually exclusive events occur, a school of quantum theory thought proposes that both events occur and the entire universe splits into two entire independent entities with no communication whatsoever between them. So there are zillion of identical universes out there in the space with zillion copies of "YOU".
Apart from this telling me that, each time I hit my car against a wall, a new world is created where I pass through the wall with no scratch to my car, it tells us something more important, "Soul" is not unique!

Another controversial outcome of Quantum physics is the deduction that "Measurement affects the Measured quality". Since we use light particle to measure an object, we cannot use it to measure a particle of the size of photon, because then the measured photon will disturbed by the measuring photon and hence will be moved away from its position (at the time of measurement) to a position which may not be predicted.
If you again extrapolate this to our big real-life, all the reactions to our actions that "I" observe is dependent on "ME" and it is entirely arguable whether the real world is what "I" observe! But why don't we visualize this in our real world? May be this is an analogous problem to the case of "Classical Physics Vs Quantum Physics". May be the acceptance of "ERROR of deviation" is quite high and hence we don't appreciate difference in observation. To bluntly put, you don't see what you don't want to see, but fortunately or unfortunately there is a copy world out there somewhere where you chose to see the other possibility and you observed that!
But still there is a problem, how come that I never chose to see the possibility of "Seeing my car go through the wall" in any of my experiments in this world? Am I consistant to see only my car dashing against the wall in this world whereas there is an Anti-Me (antibody in Quantum physics) who only visualizes the car going through the wall?

Does this also mean that "I" is corrupting the observation of truth by acting on and disturbing the otherwise stable universe? Is the saying "Shed your EGO that is 'I' and then you will reach the surpreme Truth" getting scientific validation?

Friday, May 13, 2005

Retro Music

I find retro film musics very entertaining. After a long time I heard "Ek Hasina thi.." song from the movie "Karz" and found it very captivating! Laxmikant-Pyarelal duo had done a wonderful job in that movie. I promptly downloaded the song into my Laptop and transferred it to my iPod. Other songs in my iPod include such greats as "Churaliya hai tumne". I've heard an interesing story about that song, the day previous to composing that song, RD Burman and Asha Bhosle had gone for a shopping. Ashaji found Burman picking up two glass cups while shopping and had disapprovingly asked him why was he doing that, RD Burman just replied,"Wait and see tomorrow!".
Next day, the Director of the movie along with Asha who was supposed to sing the song and all other music artists were waiting for the composition notes from RD Burman and he duly arrived to the music studio with those cups that he had picked up the previous day and straight away went on with the now legendary note of "tin tin tin... tin tin tin.." by hitting each cup against one another. I've heard Illayaraja saying that one doesn't need fancy music instruments to produce captivating music, because music is filled in this world in each and every object. How true! Illayaraja the maestro himself had scored one unbelievable music using just a couple of coconut shells.

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